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TFS Submit is a Visual Studio add-in that helps you manage your code changes managed by Team Foundantion Server 2010

With TFS Submit you can:
- Manage your changes (Create a new Shelveset, update an existent Shelveset, delete a Shelveset and Un-Shelve)
- Validate your changes. This feature allows you to build your changes combined with the current changes on the server selecting an existent TFS Build definition.
- Send your changes to code review using Malevich tool.
- Check-in your changes. This option will allow you to select work items are related with your changes, select the changes you want to check-in and enter the check-in description. TFS Submit will make all validations for you, resolve your work items and send an email to your team you a summary of your check-in. You can associated work items in a different server than the source code server (This last feature is not supported by TFS, but TFS Submit does that for you)

*After install TFS Submit, make sure to tune up your settings in the config file.
  • If you are using TFS Submit with Malevich code review tool, remember to create the store procedure provided by TFS Submit. You can find it, under the malevich folder in the TFS Submit installation folder.

*Since TFS Submit is in Beta version, crashes will be reported to with the exception call stack.
No other info will be collected.

Create a shelve screen:

Update a shelve screen:

Delete a shelve screen:

Unshelve screen:

Validate screen:

Code review screen:

Work Item selection screen:

Changelist screen:

Check-in description screen:

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